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Upholster Your Old Bedside Bench


Give your old bedside bench a new lease on life, with Alcolin Contact Adhesive.

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Umbrella Box on Wheels


Tired of having to carry the heavy umbrella stand around the swimming pool?  Follow these easy steps and you will be able to cart your umbrella around, without breaking a sweat, this summer!

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DIY Picture Shelf


Let your pictures be the star of the show with this stylish yet subtle picture shelf; built with Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue.

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Magnetic Knife Rack


Protect the blades of your kitchen knives with this magnetic knife rack. Grab a tube of Fix-All, plywood and sand paper from your local hardware stores and finish it in a jiffy!

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Reborn Old Table


Give an old table a new life by recovering it with this eco-friendly adhesive.

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Kitty Scratching Post


Create this fun scratching post for your cat in under 2 hours, and keep them off your favourite furniture for good! It requires a few different Alcolin products, but they will always be useful around the house.

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Chic Desk Organiser


Whether it is given a functional or decorative use, this chic little desk organiser is the perfect addition to any study or office environment.

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Little Indoor Garden


Keep warm indoors this winter with this project. Create a simple but beautiful indoor garden in a few minutes with your old crockery and Alcolin Rapid Epoxy.

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Flower Display Stand


Spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with flowers… but add a personal and timeless touch by giving them in this versatile display stand and turn it into a gift that lasts.

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Retro Lantern Holder


Make this retro lantern holder in time for Easter to keep the evenings longer. Also great to accentuate small pot plants and succulents.

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Fun Hanging Shelf


Add some personality to your plain walls with this fun hanging shelf - a perfect piece for any rustic or modern home decor.

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Contemporary Plate Rack


Make this great contemporary plate rack to create additional space in your kitchen. Grab Alcolin Cold Glue and the rest of the materials at your local hardware store, and finish it in no time!

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Alternative Christmas Tree


If space is an issue then why not try this Christmas tree with a difference? Use a few odds and ends from home to give it an upcycled but authentic edge.

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Handy Spice Rack


Tired of searching through your drawers for the herbs and spices you need? Why not make this handy spice rack to keep them organised!

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Rustic Cement Coasters


Embrace the industrial look with these beautiful cement coasters. They can be made in under an hour and for less than R100 with Alcolin Anchoring & Patching Cement… perhaps a budget-friendly Christmas present?

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Standing Towel Ladder


Jazz up your bathroom while creating extra hanging space with this standing towel ladder

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Protective Knife Rack


A simple way to keep your kitchen drawers organised and knives preserved with this protective knife storage solution.

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Kitchen Tablet Stand


Trying out new recipes this winter? This stand will be perfect to keep your tablet safe, clean and charged at the same time!

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Which Gap Filler and When?


Trying to fix a gap and not sure which product to use? We have a simple guide to help you make an easy choice.

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Puzzle Chopping Board


A Father's Day treat for all his favourite things!

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Lazy Lap Table


Make this laptop table for when you're on the couch, in bed, or wanting to keep your laptop safe from a messy surface.

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Chunky Boot Stand


Put your favourite boots on display for all to see with this chunky boot stand.

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Bunny Inspired Bookshelf


An bunny-inspired bookshelf brings Easter hopping into any room, and is a great place for pretty displays too!

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Striking Hanging Planter


Bring the outdoor feeling inside with these hanging planters. The hardest part is deciding where to hang them!

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Nifty Couch Caddy


Perfect for a lazy day on the couch when coffee and a good book are all you want to see... This build can even be done in under an hour!

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Artisanal Recipe Stand


The new year is a perfect time to try some new recipes. Here’s a nifty book stand that’s up to the task.

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Upcycled cutting board


Combine random timber offcuts to create this stylish cutting board.

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Multipurpose Stackable Shelves


These clever stackable shelf units are great for smaller or limited spaces, and can be made on a limited budget.

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Simple Bird Feeder


Make this simple but stylish bird feeder for your feathered friends.

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Easy to make Hexagon Shelf


Create an easy-to-make hexagonal shelf that’s bang on trend! And replace the showpiece as often as your heart desires.

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Cute heart-shaped Pot Stand


Steal their heart with this cute pot stand. A perfect surprise for a loved one.

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