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ALCOLIN PORCELAIN FIX 6HRS is a grey high strength shrinkage compensated cement based tile adhesive which sets in 6 hours. It has been specially formulated for heavy duty interior/exterior wall and floor applications such as the fixing of normal ceramic tiles as well as tiles with difficult backings e.g. low porosity surfaces such as porcelain, granite & vitrified tiles.


20kg bags

Uses / Applications

  • Sets in 6 hours
  • High strength – ideal for high traffic areas
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Suitable for non porous tiles and tiles with difficult backings
  • Good anti-slump properties
  • Good wet tack
  • Good workability
  • Long open time
  • For interior/exterior wall and floor applications
  • Suited for heavy duty applications

Other Information

  • Not suitable for bonding porous light coloured natural stone, marble or travertine as it may cause discolouration. Use ALCOLIN RAPID SET MOSAIC MARBLE FIX TILE instead.