ALCOLIN LITEFILL is revolutionary, ready-mixed polymer-based crack filler, which is extremely light in weight. It employs the latest technology, to give a professional smooth finish in a single application, leaving surfaces looking completely flawless.


250ml Brilliant White

Uses / Applications

  • Filling fine and large cracks
  • Filling drill holes
  • Restore damage surfaces
  • Fix defects in plaster
  • Fill holes in wood
  • Ideal for weatherproofing
  • Ready to use – no mixing required
  • Non shrinking – no touch-ups necessary
  • Lightweight – so easy to apply
  • Good adhesion – will not fall out
  • Enhanced flexibility – will not crack
  • Fast drying – can be painted over in one hour
  • Good water resistance – can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Super white colour and smooth finish
  • Can be coloured with paint tints or food colourings

Other Information

  • Not suitable for repairing structural faults (foundation movement)
  • Not suitable for use in permanently wet areas
  • Not suitable where a very hard filling is required
  • Not suitable for supporting screws

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