Interior Crackfiller

ALCOLIN INTERIOR CRACKFILLER is a gypsum-based product for filling cracks and cavities in walls.  It can also be used as a skimming material to give a smooth surface prior to painting. ALCOLIN INTERIOR CRACKFILLER contains a cellulose derivative, which improves cohesive strength and promotes adhesion to ceiling boards, plaster, lime, cement and wood.


250g, 2kg pouches, 10kg bags

Uses / Applications

  • Non-slump
  • No shrinking
  • Sand-able to a smooth finish
  • Paintable in 3 hours
  • Excellent workability
  • Good adhesion
  • Less tendency to show through after painting
  • Filling cracks, slits, cavities and gaps on walls and woodwork
  • Used as a skimming agent for the smoothing of irregular wall surfaces
  • Suitable for modelling and sculpting small figures

Other Information

  • Not suitable for repairing of structural faults (foundation movements)
  • Not suitable for the repair of small blemishes or indentations (will dry too fast)
  • Not suitable for repairing cracks on flexible surfaces – use a more flexible crack filler such as ALCOLIN LITEFILL OR ALCOLIN FLEXIFILL

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.