Fire Stop Filla Foam

A one part, fast moisture-curing, expanding polyurethane foam meeting a B1 fire rating. It is fire resistand for up to 4 hours and is used to fill, seal and insulate



Uses / Applications

Alcolin Fire Stop Filla Foam is ideal for sealing cracks, joints and gaps around roofs, walls, pipes, vents, utility lines and electrical outlets that require fire protection to prevent flames, heat or smoke transmitting through. It is ideal for the installation of fire doors and for the construction of multi-story buildings where fire protection is required.

  • Sealing out drafts around windows, doors and baseboards
  • Filling large gaps and spaces between prefab elements
  • Providing structural space e.g. below shower tray
  • Sealing of seams between chimneys, roof panels and wall panels
  • Thermal, sound and water insulation
  • Gluing of insulating panels like polyurethane and polystyrene

Other Information


  • Bonds to plaster, concrete, stone, brick, painted surfaces, fibreglass, metals, wood, glass and many plastics.


  • EN 13501 fire standard is applicable for a maximum width of gap of 75mm. Any substrates must have fire classifications of A1 and A2 (non combustible).
  • Not suitable for bonding flexible surfaces or where there will be movement.
  • It is recommended that the product be coated if exposed to sunlight/UV.
  • Do not apply below 10ºC.
  • Does not bond to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, Teflon or silicone.

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