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QUIKCOPPER is a hand-mixable, non-rusting, copper-reinforced epoxy putty stick that quickly repairs pipes, tanks and anything made from of copper, brass or bronze and other non-ferrous metals in just 10 minures.

After mixing, it forms a durable, water resistant polymer compound that can be moulded, wrapped around or used to build up and repair non-ferrous metal components. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it contains no solvents or VOC's and will not shrink, crack or pull away. 

After final cure, QuikCopper can be drilled, sawed, machined, filed or painted.


57g backing cards

Uses / Applications

Repair: Freeze breaks, leaking household water pipes, plumbing, etc.
Seal: Copper gutters and downpipes, leaks in pipes, elbows, joints, sleeves, traps
Bond: To damp, wet, slow-leaking surfaces

Other Information

Not suitable for structural applications