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I want to stick this to

ALCOLIN STICKY PUTTY is a white reusable putty adhesive. It is a quick and easy way to stick up posters, maps, calendars, decorations, clean fluff from fabric, dirt from keyboards, secure telephones, calculators and ornaments or hide a secret key.
It never dries out or shrinks. Suitable for use on most surfaces e.g. metal, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood and much more.

Permanently pliable, stretchable rubber that is reusable.
Solvent free and acid free – non toxic.
Excellent adhesive qualities – sticks to almost anything!

Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


4oz / 112g Wallets

Uses / Applications

  • Holds up posters, cards, certificates, notices, party decorations, maps, calendars, messages, learning aids, children paintings, etc
  • Holds in place telephones, mouse pads, pens, candles, figurines, vases, calculators, ornaments, etc
  • Keeps picture frames straight
  • Safely store pins, keys, screws and other small objects
  • Clean fluff from fabric
  • Remove dust and dirt from computers and hard to get to places
  • Use as a putty to block out breezes

Other Information

  • Non hazardous and does not cause skin irritation to individuals with normal skin sensitivity.
  • Not suitable where a strong bond is needed and for holding up heavy objects.
  • May damage fragile papers / wall paper on removal.
  • Not suitable on absorbent, silk-screen printed, hand-stenciled wall paper, or other delicate substrates as these are more susceptible to oil damage or may be damaged when the product is removed at a later stage.
  • May leave an oily mark on some painted surfaces and papers.