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New Products


ALCOLIN CONTRACTORS SILICONE is a contractors grade silicone sealant with fungicide for use on non-porous surfaces. Not suitable for fishtanks as it contains a fungacide to prevent mould growth.

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ALCOLIN HEAT RESISTANT CORNICE ADHESIVE is a heat resistant paste, which can be used to bond cornices made of polysyrene, plaster and polyurethane to a variety of surfaces such as cement, plaster and painted surfaces.

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The baby has arrived! ALCOLIN CONTACT ADHESIVE is now available in a 25ml tube, ideal for all those smaller jobs!

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Fill, seal and insulate with ALCOLIN FILLA FOAM. Now available in 250ml, 500ml (new size) and 750ml.

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ALCOLIN SILICONE SEALANT is now available in BEIGE...for a colour matched seal!

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PLASTIC CAULKING GUN is ultra light in weight and has a very comfortable grip, allowing for longer ease of use. The most durable caulking gun on the market today, it won't rust and it is made from recycled plastic.

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RUST CONVERTER is a superior acrylic-based rust converting primer, that effectively neutralises rust and prevents further rusting. Suitable for use on rusted iron and mild steel.

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NEUTRAL CURE SILICONE  is a neutral curing silicone sealant that has a low odour, making it safe for use in confined areas. Non-corrosive to metals and glass and suitable for use on alkaline surfaces such as concrete, cement, brick and plaster.

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SILICONE TAPE is a self-fusing repair tape that once wrapped, only sticks to itself. It is extremely versatile and creates a temporary or permanent air and water-tight seal in seconds!

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